A downloadable game for Windows

Hey there!
Weekend started and I wanted to program a game in one day.

It took me around 4 or 5 hours to make.
It's still way too long for what it is, but practice makes perfect!

It's really simple.
You are a fish and need to get the bait from the fisherman, without getting caught. 
In order to do so you need to end the QTE (Quick-Time-Event) before the time runs out, 
without making a single mistake.


[A] or [LEFT] = left
[D] or [RIGHT] = right
[W] or [UP] = up
[S] or [DOWN] = down

(Same buttons apply in QTE)


[LEFT ANALOGSTICK] = Overall movement

(QTE is played with the [A],[B],[X] and [Y] buttons on your controller)

I hope you enjoy it!

All graphics, music and programming were made by me :)

Feel free to leave your feedback.


Fishbait.zip 4 MB

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