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thanks for considering to download this software.
So, first things first, let me tell you about LIME:
It's a tool to do pixelart using your mouse and keyboard.
My goal was to do my first software, which was not meant to be a game.

As a an hobby-artist myself I really like the idea of having my own program where 
I can tweak and add features as I like.
So I'm sharing this program to you guys, so you can use it too.


S - Save canvas to %localappdata%/LIME as .png

ESC - Return to menu WITHOUT SAVING

Q - Increase Pensize

E - Decrese Pensize

0 - Brushtool
1 - Outlined-Rectangle
2 - Filled-Rectangle
3 - Outlined-Circle
4 - Filled-Circle
5 - Fill Colour (not buckettool)
6 - Colourpicker
7 - Eraser


[NEW] Lime 2 MB
[OLD] Lime 2 MB
[OLD] Lime 2 MB

Development log


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Got a couple of questions out of curiosity; firstly, how was the developed, am I correct in assuming some sort of WPF or WinForms application or did you use a game engine to create software? and secondly, why is the save location fixed, surely this should be a core aspect? Thanks! 

Hey Ronan!

Your second guess was correct -  LIME was made in Game Maker 1.4

It started out as a little scrippleprogram, but became something more after little time.

Using a game-engine for a drawing-program sounds odd, but has lots of benefits.

I just wish I would have programmed with more comments and care,when I started this project - It's a mess, haha!

Game Maker is really strict about saving and exporting and I haven't put too much research into it yet.

You're right - Saving should be a core-aspect and it drags the quality of the software down.

But as I have never developed a pixelart/drawing-tool, I mainly focused on having all the tools and the canvas work.

When moving on to animations, I will workover the filemanagment.

Thanks for your interest!

Take care!

Thank you for your reply, I realized that it was a GameMaker project after seeing the logo in one of your screenshots. I too am developing an application (which I am soon to release here on Itch) that started off as a tiny application to help myself yet turned into a fully-fledged application, a code snippet manager to help with any programming tasks be that web, app, or game development. My code is a slight mess too, slowly going through and refactoring. Good work and good luck with future projects!