The tool got it's first workover and I wanna introduce you to the new LIME.
I've been working on a lot of things. 
This workover it not even close to where I wish this
program to be. But it's a fundemantel step into this direction.

If you end up using this program - I'd be more than glad about constructive feedback
and maybe an image you drew? ;)

The pen-tool got an all-around workover: You can only draw with it,
as the eraser is now a seperate tool.
Most of it was invisible work, which you won't see in the patched version.
So you can use it the same way it was before! :)

Newly added, you can now find the rectangle tool in the GUI.
There are two types ot it.
The normal filled rectangle and the rectangle outline, which takes your pen-size as the outline-width.

As it is with the rectangle-tool, you can also find two types of circle-tools.
Same difference between those two applies.
[To note: The circle takes your mouse_x and mouse_y as the CENTER, not the upper-left corner]

Theres one thing to note:
Because my floodfill algorithm makes the program crash, theres currently only the colourfill tool,
which fills one specific colour with the colour currently set. But no a buckettool.


[OLD] Lime 2 MB
Oct 19, 2017


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